Monday, July 14, 2008

Ball, Summit Team For Biodegradable Options

Ball Horticultural Company and Summit Plastic Company spent two years researching and developing biodegradable packaging, and the two companies have partnered to bring just that to the market.

"It is estimated that, while 48 percent of consumers place their plant pots and trays in their community recycling programs, most of that plastic still ends up in a landfill," says Bill Doeckel of Ball Horticultural Company. "Ball is committed to changing those statistics, and we're pleased to have a partner, Summit, that shares our goals."

Summit will produce a range of bio-packaging products using bio-resin, which looks and feels like plastic yet degrades after a few months in the ground. The partnership made sense, too, because Summit is easily able to manufacture bio-resin with its tools and equipment without altering the size of packages.

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