Sunday, July 13, 2008

Succulents, Succulents, Succulents

They’re everywhere. I’m seeing them displayed all over the trade show floor, and companies such as Plug Connection and Hort Couture are introducing new varieties left and right, under consumer-friendly marketing campaigns.

Plug Connection’s Mosaics line (pictured above) touts the benefits of succulents with four simple words: “Low Maintenance, Big Impact” and promotes the varieties’ “unlimited palette of colors, textures and shapes.”

Hort Couture’s Sunny Succulents line is “tres chic” and comes with all the marketing materials a retailer needs to help promote these low maintenance, high impact plants.

Even the non-plant companies are showcasing succulents in their booths this year, including Braun Horticulture, whose new line of aged clay pots (pictured right) look great planted up with these drought-tolerant beauties.

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