Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's Go For A Walk

For an OFA Short Course first-timer, the gazillion or so rows and booths (I'm still trying to decide if that's an exagerration or not) can be pretty overwhelming, especially for a one-day visit. But even in one day, I still had plenty of time to ogle new products and do plenty of walking.

I'm a sucker for Ellepots and pots made of basically anything other than plastic. And as I perused the trade show floor, I came upon the FERTIL booth. FERTIL has a new product out called the DOT Pot. DOT Pots are available for both, individual gardeners and for wholesale. These pots are "the world's only OMRI listed organic biodegradable pot." They are 80 percent spruce fibers and 20 percent peat moss...that's it. There are no glues and binders. Also, the electricity used during production came from renewable resources.

While at the FERTIL booth, two other products were being displayed in conjunction with the DOT Pots: MasterTag's Evo Tags/Carriers (one made of recycled plastic, the other of biodegradable plastic) and A-ROO's line of compostable floral packaging from NatureWorks. So I headed off to MasterTag's area, then to A-ROO's. Up above is a look at the Fertil's DOT Pots and MasterTag's EVO line getting along quite well.

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