Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Creative With Containers

During his session “Container Crazy (And Plants For Small-Space Gardens),” Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries encouraged retailers to look beyond petunias and impatiens when creating container displays.

Heims showed examples of stunning containers featuring everything from colorful succulents to beautiful brunneras. The trick is to think outside the box. “Anything goes,” he said. “If it looks good, do it.”

He also shared ideas he’s picked up on his travels across the world, including England, where he saw conifers combined with veggies at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Another trick? Match the shape of the pot to the shape of the plant. Heims suggested placing a tall bamboo plant in a tall, slender container for a sleek, unique look.

He also had some ideas for your customers with small space gardens. Incorporating mirrors into the landscape can make the area appear larger, and placing potted plants near the door that leads into the garden can help extend it.

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