Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Automating With Elle

Interested in getting an initial soak after transplant, but want to water from below? And ebb and flood irrigation tunnel? Then check out the Big Dipper WaterAll Hybrid from Blackmore. It works on your sticking, cutting, planting and shipping lines, and protects against disease threat of foliar irrigation.

I talked to Ken Marlin at Ellepot USA and he told me that sales of Ellepot machines have easily tripled in the last five years, and prefilled products have also seen expanded growth.

"It's not only for propagation anymore," Marlin says, and adds that North America is way ahead of Europe in adoption of the Ellepot.

Did you know that one roll of Ellepot paper can pot as many plants as one pallet of plastic pots? And once you've planted in Ellepots, Blackmore has more than 60 types of trays to place them in, all recyclable.

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