Saturday, July 11, 2009

Takao Takes Over As OFA President

Danny Takao, president of Takao Nursery in Fresno, Calif., officially took the reins of the OFA presidency Saturday from Bobby Barnitz. Here are Takao’s first words as president, addressed to an audience at the OFA Awards and Keynote Presentation:

OFA continues to provide a community where we can all gather to share our lives and thoughts. Some people have told me associations and trade shows are a thing of the past. I argue otherwise. I have but no other gathering where we can all share the same passion and lifestyle – and share the networking we do here at the Short Course.

“Your current board of directors will continue to work with our committees and staff to make sure our OFA community remains strong and relevant to your needs.

“Our industry is evolving rapidly. Alone, it would be very difficult to understand all the dynamics reshaping it. With support from our OFA community, using the knowledge and extra speakers we have access to, we can learn together how we need to go forward to keep our companies healthy.”

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