Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's Your Problem?

An interesting - and popular - idea for a session: have representatives from some of the different plant breeders come to share tips and answer questions about growing some of their varieties. Proven Winners' Rick Schoellhorn pointed out that the title of the presentation was "Problem" Vegetative Crops and How To Grow Them," but that the breeders didn't really see these crops as "problems." "They just need a little different help here or there," he said.
One good follow up question from the audience - especially coming on the heels of the morning session on cold growing - dealt with rooting issues.
Selecta's Stefan Reiner emphasized that if you're going to cool grow a crop, you first have to make sure you have a good root system developed. And roots need a little heat to develop.
Ball Hort's Jim Kennedy agreed. "If you don't have roots, you'll have a really, really compact plant."

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