Saturday, July 11, 2009

Delhi Flower & Garden Center - Liberty Township

My first thought was Holy Toledo. That’s a big garden center. Delhi closed a store in 2006 and began constructing the mammoth retail operation it just opened in November 2008. A Rough Bros. structure with very classy black fencing and stonework, the curb appeal is fantastic. It also has a second store that operates out of a former car dealership.

Both Berns and Delhi grow most of their own annuals (and are less than 10 minutes away from each other) so the pressure is on both places. Delhi also looked heavily stocked, almost like it was the end of May and not July 11. Much of the operation is under cover, with some open air in the nursery yard.

I saw a couple notable ideas here, including a guy corner. That’s right, a corner for the men, complete with a coffee station, café tables and chairs and a large, flat-screen tuned to ESPN. Nice.

Delhi used POP from Perennial Plant of the Year to its advantage by painting small picket fences bright colors and coordinating it with poster-sized signage and large displays of the plants. It was very effective - they really could have done more of that with different types of plants.

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Denise said...

CORRECTION-Delhi Flower & Garden Centers located in Tri County, referred to as the "car dealership structure" in the article, is still in business, open year round. Instead the orginal garden center located in Delhi Twp, closed in 2006. Denise Werling, Delhi Flower & Garden, Controller

Jen Polanz said...

Whoops, thanks Denise! The story has been edited to reflect this. Thanks so much for writing in to correct it!