Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SunPatiens - Now Available To IGGs

The SunPatiens line of impatiens for sun from Sakata is now avsailable for independent retailers after several years of being exclusive to The Home Depot.

The line is the first of its kind to not only survive but thrive in full sun. It loves heat, but it also can take cool temperatures, making it a three-seasons plant, according to Sakata spokeswoman Jeanine Standard. The product for independents will have different POP and packaging designs to set it apart.

There are three different series’ of SunPatiens: Compact, Spreading and Vigorous. The compact series works well in mixed containers and in gardens as mass plantings. The spreading series has eye-catching variegated leaves, and also works well in mixed or monoculture baskets, bedding areas and garden plantings. The vigorous series is designed primarily for commercial landscapers.

For more information, visit www.sunpatiens.com.

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Timothy said...

Why in the world, would any IGC want to stock a product line that you know will be discounted heavily by the Depot next year? I for one am tired of growers treating us as a secondary source for their product after the box stores. Sunpatiens, count me out