Saturday, July 11, 2009

Siebenthaler's Garden Center - Dayton

Siebenthaler’s has two retail locations and a 450-acre nursery. We visited a store that opened in 1959, so it’s definitely an older structure. I was surprised at the amount of covered shopping, though, for an old-school garden center. There was quite a bit of aisle way covered, allowing you to at least get to where you needed to go. It seems like Southwest Ohio is the king of covered shopping.

One unique item to note with this operation is it’s connected with a bank. Actually, we found out later, the bank is connected to the garden center. In 1979 the garden center operators found they didn’t need all the space and leased it to the bank. Now it’s a Chase Bank complete with a drive-thru. There’s also a glass window between the two, so shoppers can see bankers and vice versa.

Siebenthaler’s also charges for its loyalty program. For $20 annually, members receive a 10 percent discount of non-sale items and opportunities to shop the day before three big sales, the Spring Open House, Memorial Day Early Bird and Fall Tree & Nursery Sale.
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