Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Clean Sweep

We're pretty happy here at Meister Media. You've read about our winning ways at Short Course this year. Our relay team came in 3rd place (but we're treating it like first). Also, TGC editor Jen Polanz recently posted the big win by Murphy Hendy of A Proper Garden. Great job Murphy!

Today's Garden Center sponsored Murphy in Short Course's first Merchandising Contest. He had some pretty stiff competition, too. The other contestants were Scott Daley of Homestead, Tina Bemis of Bemis Farms Nursery and Dan Truesdale of Rolling Green Nursery. Check out our slideshow of the displays here. This contest has tons of promise.

Oh, and the relay team (bottom picture from left to right: Kevin Yanik, Pete Mihalek, Richard Jones and Drew Newsome), we're guaranteeing 2nd place in next year's race. Above, you can see us receiving our bronze water wands. Dramm sponsored the relay, and let me say, they provided the coolest trophies - engraved water wands.

And overall, the race was a big success. In its tenth year, the Dramm 5k Relay raised $6,000, and $55,000 to date. The money has supported industry research, scholarships and America In Bloom.

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